Beer Marinade: It’s Science

This post is not really a recipe per se. It is pretty informational and mostly delicious. Last week in the Weekly Growler Fill on, I posted a news article about how marinating beer helps cut down the carcinogens formed during the grilling process. I actually already knew about this, but of course, I needed to try it out.

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Sweet and Spicy, Tropical Shrimp Tacos

Here in Denver, we got a glimpse of sunshine before this freak snowstorm hit. I figured a light and fresh taco recipe would be the perfect thing to celebrate the warm weather and ring in the spring. Also, I was trying to figure out what to do with all the hot pepper jelly I made last week. Shrimp + pepper jelly = sweet and spicy, tropical shrimp tacos. They were a hit with the roommate and they only took about 30 minutes to prepare. So, if you’re dreaming of summertime or you’re lucky enough to be somewhere sunny, throw together this recipe and have yourself a little taco time.

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Colorado Meets Germany – Pretzel Bun Beer Brat

I was supposed to be studying so naturally, I decided to cook a huge meal.  Abby helped inspire me with her love for pretzels. Pretzel buns are amazing in this recipe because they are extremely durable and save you from a food-covered embarrassment. There is nothing worse than your hotdog and all the toppings falling out the bottom of the bun and all over your clothes.

The combination of pretzels and bratwursts reminded me of Germany, so naturally I had to go with a German-style beer. I grabbed a Colorado Kolsch by Steamworks Brewing Co. Although it is not a true Kolsch (because real Kolsch’s come from Cologne, Germany), it’s a good, local interpretation. It is light and easy to cook with. I It also went along with the German theme.  So, if you’re trying to go on a European vacation but just can’t afford it, turn on some polka music and try out this recipe.

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