The Chicken and the Egg Sandwich

What came first…the chicken or the egg? Who cares when you can have them both? This sandwich has panko pan fried chicken, roasted red pepper, a fried egg, arugula, pesto, and Parmesan encrusted bread. That’s right…the cheese is on the OUTSIDE of the bread. Maybe I’ve been going a little sandwich crazy lately, but how could I not when things this delicious can be made? The chicken is spicy and crispy, the red pepper and pesto are sweet, and the ooey-gooey egg yolk brings it all together. Did I mention there is CHEESE on the OUTSIDE of the bread? Yeah, its that good. To make this a balanced meal, you’re going to need a beer. For this one I chose Redacted, a Rye India Pale Ale by Renegade Brewing Company.

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