Double IPA Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

Have you ever prepared a whole chicken before? Does it frighten you too? I must start out by saying that I already am not a big fan of touching raw meat. It is scary and kind of gross. Now, a whole chicken, well… that is absolutely terrifying. Not only is it dripping with some sort of scary red fluid, there are guts inside that you actually have to pull out. Doing this on my own turned out to be quite the task. I had chicken livers flinging across the kitchen. Some may say that the blood and guts are delicacies, but not me. I’d like to stay as far away from them as possible. The sad part is, I can’t do that if I want to make a beautiful roasted chicken. So I’ve decided to suck it up and deal with the chicken parts because this recipe was too good not to. An herbal roasted chicken cooked on a bed of potatoes, soaked in a delicious Double India Pale Ale by Dry Dock Brewing Company was what this near-disaster turned into. The end result made the treacherous process worth it and if I had to (or even if I didn’t have to) I’d do it all again to eat this tasty meal.

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