Cooking with Beer | Festina Pêche Lobster Pasta Article:

Chelsea Mitchell uses Festina Pêche to create a sauce for her lobster pasta – and shows you how to do it too.

Jalap-ocado Lobster Roll

So I guess this isn’t the most well written recipe I’ve ever done, mainly because it’s not very precise. I will tell you that if you figure out the right combination of ingredients, it tastes fantastic. I decided to have a ‘treat yo self’ day and make a lobster roll for one. The store was having a sale on lobster and I figured, what the hell, why not? And then this creation was born – Jalap-ocado Lobster Roll (jalapeño avocado lobster roll.) Go ahead and double, triple, or even quadruple the recipe if you have some friends that want to celebrate ‘treat yo self’ day with you. Apparently I have no friends. But at least I didn’t have to share my beer.

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