Cooking with Beer | Köttbusser Spicy Ketchup Article:
Chelsea Mitchell makes a spicy beer infused ketchup using Snow Drop Köttbusser Ale.

Ketchup – made with Snow Drop Kottbusser Ale by Grimm Brothers Brewhouse. You need to make this right now. No, seriously, you need to make it because it’s an ingredient in the next recipe being posted.

St. Patty’s Day Bagel Sandwich

Happy St. Patty’s day, fools! To celebrate, we made green, everything bagel sandwiches. What is on the sandwich you ask? Oh, just some Irish-inspired toppings: corned beef, hash browns, eggs, onions and peppers, and cream cheese. What will we be drinking with this? Guinness – obvs. Its St. Patrick’s day, go celebrate with some delicious food and beer.

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