Saison Stuffing

This creation lies somewhere in the realm between stuffing and bread pudding. With a heaping amount of eggplant and pancetta, it surely can be served as a main dish. If you’re beginning to look for a side dish for Thanksgiving, it will work for that too. Whatever the situation is, you have to make this recipe, especially if you’re obsessed with saisons like me. The zesty and peppery flavors of Saison #4 are the perfect addition to marry the rest of the ingredients together. The Saison Stuffing is one of my favorite recipes that I have come up with so far and will definitely become a regular meal in the Drink and Spoon household.

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Pichuberry Pizza

Do you ever see a strange ingredient at the grocery store and think, “I wonder what that tastes like?” I do this all the time. During this past month, my local grocery store has had pichuberries on the shelf. I kept passing by them until last week when I decided to just go for it, not knowing what I would be getting myself into. I let the little orange dudes sit in my refrigerator for a few days while I researched what exactly these things were. Everything that came up kept boasting that these are the new superfruit of the future but there weren’t too many recipes or articles that described their use as an ingredient. So I did what any normal person would do – bit into one. It tasted like a tart cherry tomato with a lot more seeds. For cooking, I thought I would take a safe route and use it like a tomato so I made a sauce out of the pichuberries and slathered them on a pizza. Here are the results:

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Drink and Spoon T-shirts Now on Sale!

Did you see the Drink and Spoon t-shirts roaming around GABF? Were you like, “I totally want one of those!” Well, you can have one! Right now, we are just doing men’s shirts but next month, there will be v-necks available for ladies as well. Cheers!

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Cherry-Stout Compote topping for Mustard Seed & Rosemary Encrusted Pork Tenderloin


When the farmer’s market presents you with fresh grown cherries, you make something delicious with them. I really have no idea how the idea for the cherries and stout popped into my head but I’m sure glad it did. I’m also glad my friend Clayton over at Small Batch Liquors (best store ever) recommended Freedom Stout by Kettle & Stone Brewing Co. To me, this brew is exactly what a classic stout should be: it explodes with aromas of toasty chocolate malts (who doesn’t like chocolate combined with cherries?) and tastes so smooth. It’s almost like dessert in a glass. Thank goodness I didn’t use the whole bottle in the recipe and had enough leftover to treat myself to a glass….or two.

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