Cutting a Pineapple 101

Cutting a pineapple – for some it may be easy, for others it may be a mystery. For all you newbies in the kitchen, here’s my preferred way to do it without butchering the whole thing apart.

Cut off the top:


Cut off the butt:


Cut down the sides in small slivers so that you don’t lose too much good stuff:


Skin-less pineapple:


Cut out the core:


After this, slice up the chunks however you want them!

Advice: Softening Butter with Little Time

Don’t you hate when you’re getting ready to bake but you forgot to let the butter get to room temperature? Or if you want to whip up a batch of cookies really quickly but the butter is hard as a rock? You can’t microwave the butter because it will get too hot and cook the eggs in your recipe. Here’s the best way to get it soft quickly:

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Beer Crafts – Magnets

I talked to a bartender over at Funkwerks who told me his girlfriend turned all her brewery stickers into magnets. That way, she could always have them and they wouldn’t be stuck to one thing forever. I loved this idea so I decided to follow suit – and add some beer caps to the mix.

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