Pineapple Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños


When I’m in the need for recipe ideas, I go to my Granny J. She’s one of the best cooks I know and she has also lived/traveled all over the world. This has endowed her with quite a bit of experience that I can learn from. This particular recipe, pineapple-cream-cheese stuffed jalapeños, hails from the good ol’ state where bigger is better – Texas. From these ingredients, I can tell those Texans love big flavor without too much hassle. As for the beer, it didn’t take long to think of the perfect addition. Anniversary Ale 2 popped into my head within a few minutes due to its bright, tropical sweetness. When mixed in with the pineapples and cream cheese, it added a yeasty component that made this recipe even more special.

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Granny J’s Hot Stuff (Hot Pepper Jelly)

The title of this recipe has a double meaning. First, it means that Granny J is hot stuff. Second, this is Granny J’s hot stuff – the best pepper jelly in the world. She finally revealed her secrets and sent me the recipe for this prized family jewel. And it’s awesome. Every bite reminds me of my childhood, eating cream cheese and pepper jelly with crackers on my deck in the summer time. It’s sweet and hot and the most amazing snack in the world.

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