Springtime Crab Frittata

Springtime is in the air and Easter is (just about) here! I love holidays because it means I get to cook, eat, and drink amazing things and it gives me an excuse to spend way more on food than I normally would. Growing up, we always went to church and then had brunch with the Easter bunny – until my mom let me start dressing up as the Easter bunny at the country club. I found it quite fun but I’m not sure if the other children did. The bunny suit was made for a person around 6 feet tall and I came in right around 5’2”. Those dumb kids probably still fell for it (hehehe).

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Cooking with Friends – Pasta Carbonara

Last week I went over to cook with my newly married friends, the Belsky family. I love cooking with friends, especially when we are making separate parts of the meal. This way, we don’t have to end up in a fist-fight over who has the best technique or which recipe is better (can you tell I am super competitive). Kaitlin stuck to what she knew, the carbonara, and I worked on with the pasta. Kaitlin and Peter also got a little lesson on how to make pasta from scratch! It was great having Peter around because we used him to finish kneading the pasta. I like making pasta but my weak little girl muscles just can’t handle the burn, which is why its great to have big, strong men around to help out in the kitchen.

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Mini Apple Pies cooked with Pome Mel Cider

A lot of times, my recipes are a bunch of ingredients thrown together with a prayer that something magical will happen. That’s what happened with this apple pie filling. I thought, “How can I make an apple pie go well with beer?” So I researched a bunch of different apple pie recipes, picked out the parts I liked, and experimented. Luckily, the first try was successful. I didn’t use beer though. I used Pome Mel by Colorado Cider Company. This cider is beautiful. Unlike other ciders, it is not too apple-y and its made with honey and lavender.  I picked it because I wanted the filling to be unique. When poured out of the bottle, it is light in color and smells a spa weekend. The flavors of the cider showed up very subtlety in the end. Overall it made the filling unique but the pie still tasted like a slice of home cooking.

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