Ghost Face Killah Cornbread

It took me two tries, but I did it – I made some ‘killah’ cornbread.  Ghost Face Killah – the insanely hot beer by Twisted Pine Brewing – worked as a wonderful and tasty addition to this roasted corn and jalapeño cornbread. Sometimes I worry that the taste of the beer doesn’t come through enough in some of my recipes, but not this one – you definitely can’t miss Ghost Face Killah. While I personally would never drink this beer alone (because I just can’t handle the heat) I’ve heard many stories of how others have used it. One example is from a guy I met at a local bottle shop who uses it in his bloody marys. He said the heat from the beer helps him sweat out his hangovers. If you’re brave, I dare you drink a whole bottle by yourself. Please, if you decide to accept this dare, record it on video because the look on your face is going to be hilarious. If you’re not crazy though, just try using Ghost Face Killah in this cornbread recipe and save your mouth from the burning fires of hell.

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