Cooking with Beer | Grilled French Toast with Rumble Syrup Article:
Chelsea Mitchell of Drink and Spoon helps you forget all other french toast by making Grilled French Toast topped with Rumble Syrup.

Blueberry Waffles topped with a Saison Strawberry Compote

Although its long, long past due – I present to you the last recipe of waffle week that never came. It’s blueberry waffles topped with a saison strawberry compote. Where’s the beer? Well, we used Dog Ate My Homework, a blackberry saison by Brouwerij West. The color of this beer is an absolutely gorgeous purpley-maroon. There are light flavors of blackberry and it almost reminds me of a fruity wine. I’m convinced this beer was made to be cooked down and combined with strawberries for this exact recipe. I was afraid it would disappear behind the strawberries but instead, the flavors shined through to make an above average strawberry topping. This quick and easy recipe is sure to make any morning just a little bit brighter.

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Smoked Salmon – Latke Waffle – Benedict

This recipe has no beer and no beer pairing. I know, it’s a travesty. But I have good reasoning. First off, it is a waffle (kind of) for waffle week so it’s still somewhat acceptable. Second, it’s the kind of meal you eat after a long night of beer drinking when you wake up with a dry mouth, pounding headache, and craving for something delicious. Since I went to the Great Divide anniversary party last night, I woke up in a fashion similar to what I just described – and this smoked salmon – latke waffle – benedict was just what I needed to hit the spot.

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BLT-double-E Waffle Sandwich

I just about died when I bit into this BLT-double-E waffle sandwich. Maybe you can’t tell from the picture but there are actually fried eggs cooked into the waffle. That’s right, in the middle of each waffle, there is a precious little egg waiting to satisfy your every bite. Also on the sandwich, is lettuce. It is a BLT after all but if you’ve read my previous posts, you know I hate salad and I hate lettuce. I’ll bear through the green stuff though, if it’s on a bacon sandwich. The best part about this BLT-double-E, besides being so darn delicious, is that it’s flexible! Who says you even have to add lettuce? You could add avocado, more bacon, turkey, more bacon….you get the picture.

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Best Pancake Ever

Remember the last post when I made Anarchy Strawberry Jam? Well now, I’m giving you the perfect use for it….on top of buttermilk pancakes…that are filled with sausage…and also topped with jalapeño cream cheese. This extreme flavor combination is surprising yet delicious. The spiciness of the jalapeños is cut by the cream cheese and the jam. The sweetness of the jam mixes well with the saltiness of the sausage. The pancake is basically just a vehicle to get everything in your mouth.

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Springtime Crab Frittata

Springtime is in the air and Easter is (just about) here! I love holidays because it means I get to cook, eat, and drink amazing things and it gives me an excuse to spend way more on food than I normally would. Growing up, we always went to church and then had brunch with the Easter bunny – until my mom let me start dressing up as the Easter bunny at the country club. I found it quite fun but I’m not sure if the other children did. The bunny suit was made for a person around 6 feet tall and I came in right around 5’2”. Those dumb kids probably still fell for it (hehehe).

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Pulled Pork Benedict (Part II of the Pulled Pork Party)

We really hope you made the Drunken Pulled Pork or else you’re going to find this recipe a bit hard to complete. Its part two of the pulled pork party, because when you make 4 lbs of pulled pork, you usually have leftovers. We came up with the perfect way to get rid of them. Pulled Pork Benedict. Its served on top of cornmeal biscuits and topped with a spicy hot hollandaise sauce. The goat cheese helps cut the spice and pumps up the flavors of the dish. We chose Sunday Morning by Renegade Brewing Co. as the beer to serve because we think this is a meal best eaten as breakfast for dinner. Be prepared to take a food nap after this one.

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Eggs Benedict and Sunshine Wheat Beermosa

One of my favorite traditions is making Eggs Benedict on Christmas morning. Ever since I can remember, my grandma and my dad would get to fighting over whose hollandaise sauce was better right after we opened presents. While in college, I decided to start my own tradition.  Making Eggs Benedict every time I drank too much whisky the night before was my way of avoiding being in hangover hell all day. I’ve made it about 50 times but it wasn’t until this Christmas that I finally figured out how to make the hollandaise perfectly. The hollandaise is the key ingredient here. It separates the Benedict from being a measly egg mcmuffin. Every time I’ve read a hollandaise recipe in cookbooks or on the internet, it never describes how to do it right. In this post, I will divulge my secrets so that you too can make the perfect hollandaise for your eggs Benedict.  Once you have obtained this knowledge, you will never have to suffer from eating crappy hangover food again. The beermosa also featured here should help cure that hangover as well.

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