BBQ Chicken and Cornbread Waffles

It’s the beginning of waffle week and I hope y’all are ready to start the all-carb diet! I’ve got some great things in store but to start it off, I’m doing another spin on the classic chicken and waffles. Maybe you remember the Sweet Chili Fried Chicken and Buttermilk Chive Waffles? This time, I made a BBQ Chicken and Cornbread Waffle. The BBQ sauce was made using Smoke Jumper – a smoked imperial porter from Left Hand Brewing that packs the perfect amount of campfire smokiness. I never made a BBQ sauce before this one so I must say, I think I did pretty well. I’d describe it as ‘sweet heat’ where it starts of a little sweet and tangy (and of course smokey) and ends with spicy flavors. Top it all with some green onions and a dash of salt and you’re ready for a great meal on the patio.

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Slue Foot Sue’s Shindig


Slue Foot Sue’s Shindig last night at the McNichols Building was a gosh darn hog-killin’ time (that’s western slang for ‘it was awesome’). Like all events put on by Imbibe, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Who is this lady Sue we were celebrating? She’s the star of an old western folk tale and the wife of Pecos Bill. Legend says that shortly after getting married, Sue got thrown from Bill’s horse, Widowmaker, and started bouncing back and forth between the moon and the earth. Now, there are several versions of the ending – one in which Bill shoots her to stop her from bouncing, one where he saves her but leaves her, one in which she lands on the moon, etc. I don’t know what ending to believe but I do know that Slue Foot Sue must’ve been one heck of a fun lady because her party was a blast.

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Pulled Pork Benedict (Part II of the Pulled Pork Party)

We really hope you made the Drunken Pulled Pork or else you’re going to find this recipe a bit hard to complete. Its part two of the pulled pork party, because when you make 4 lbs of pulled pork, you usually have leftovers. We came up with the perfect way to get rid of them. Pulled Pork Benedict. Its served on top of cornmeal biscuits and topped with a spicy hot hollandaise sauce. The goat cheese helps cut the spice and pumps up the flavors of the dish. We chose Sunday Morning by Renegade Brewing Co. as the beer to serve because we think this is a meal best eaten as breakfast for dinner. Be prepared to take a food nap after this one.

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Drunken Pulled Pork (Part I of the Pulled Pork Party)

So I’ve decided this is going to be a two part recipe. Part one is drunken pulled pork sandwiches. Which means that pork is slowly cooked in oak aged barleywine for hours on end. Part two – well, that’s a surprise. Make sure to save your leftovers.

After taste testing this, I’d say the barleywine flavors are quite apparent, and amazing. So, its up to you whether or not you want to serve the sandwiches with BBQ sauce. Either way, it’s going to be good.

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