Kaiser Butternut Squash Soup

It’s officially Fall which means tons of squash and pumpkin recipes are headed your way. If there’s one thing I love about Fall, it is sitting inside on those chilly days and stuffing my face full of food. This particular day, I decided to stuff my face full of butternut squash soup. This ain’t your run of the mill butternut squash soup either – I filled it with apples, fennel, onions and garlic. Yum. To give it the kick it needed, I tossed in a good amount of Kaiser – an Imperial Oktoberfest Lager by Avery Brewing Co that is chock full of festive spices. The final product was topped with a balsamic reduction and sourdough crouton toppings to make it even more marvelous. Let me assure you, this is the best way to kick off your fall cooking.

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Collaboration Fest 2014

Favorite Parts of Collaboration Fest 2014:

Success. Its the best word to describe Collaboration Fest 2014. I have been to other beer festivals before, but this was by far one of my favorite. Not only did I get the chance to try over 35 new brews, there was enough for everyone! I’ve seen problems at festivals in the past where breweries come unprepared and run out before the festival is over. Not at Collaboration Fest. I stayed until the very end and the party was still poppin’.

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