Slue Foot Sue’s Shindig


Slue Foot Sue’s Shindig last night at the McNichols Building was a gosh darn hog-killin’ time (that’s western slang for ‘it was awesome’). Like all events put on by Imbibe, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Who is this lady Sue we were celebrating? She’s the star of an old western folk tale and the wife of Pecos Bill. Legend says that shortly after getting married, Sue got thrown from Bill’s horse, Widowmaker, and started bouncing back and forth between the moon and the earth. Now, there are several versions of the ending – one in which Bill shoots her to stop her from bouncing, one where he saves her but leaves her, one in which she lands on the moon, etc. I don’t know what ending to believe but I do know that Slue Foot Sue must’ve been one heck of a fun lady because her party was a blast.

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Beer Crafts – Magnets

I talked to a bartender over at Funkwerks who told me his girlfriend turned all her brewery stickers into magnets. That way, she could always have them and they wouldn’t be stuck to one thing forever. I loved this idea so I decided to follow suit – and add some beer caps to the mix.

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