Apricot Sweet Chili Sauce : Dry Dock Brewing Collaboration

My lovely friends over at Dry Dock Brewing are preparing for the Super Bowl and they wanted to cook with beer. Luckily for me, they make so many amazing brews so it was easy to find one to incorporate into food: I went with the gold medal winning Apricot Blonde. To come up with a recipe, I figured out what a Dry Dock brewer craves for football munchies and this is what Doug Hyndman had to say:

“I certainly am a football watching fool. Wings and pizza are always a good fit with football. I’m also a big fan of bacon-wrapped jalapeños, and fried cheese curds would be sweet. Bison chile with habaneros…”

Doug, I’m sorry I won’t be cooking everything you want, but you will see some Doug-inspired recipes in the future. For now, I hope this recipe for Apricot Sweet Chili Sauce will suffice.

As for the Super Bowl, I don’t care who wins as long as its not the Patriots.

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Today, the amazing app Gratafy has launched in Denver!! What you can do with it is digitally buy food and drinks through the app. So, if you owe someone for helping you move, you’re missing a birthday party, or you’re just feeling friendly, you need to download Gratafy! Also, since I love all of my Drink and Spoon followers – you get 5$ free to spend on it using the code: drinkandspoon 

Wondering where to use it in Denver to buy beer? How about Low Down Brewery and Dry Dock Brewing Company – some of our favorites. Seriously though, how good is Apricot Blonde? Remember when I paired it with the sweet and spicy, tropical shrimp tacos? Yum…

So, if you’re in Denver, Chicago, Houston, LA, San Francisco, or Seattle – check out Gratafy and use the promo code drinkandspoon and your first beer is on me 🙂


Photo Credit: Gratafy


Sweet and Spicy, Tropical Shrimp Tacos

Here in Denver, we got a glimpse of sunshine before this freak snowstorm hit. I figured a light and fresh taco recipe would be the perfect thing to celebrate the warm weather and ring in the spring. Also, I was trying to figure out what to do with all the hot pepper jelly I made last week. Shrimp + pepper jelly = sweet and spicy, tropical shrimp tacos. They were a hit with the roommate and they only took about 30 minutes to prepare. So, if you’re dreaming of summertime or you’re lucky enough to be somewhere sunny, throw together this recipe and have yourself a little taco time.

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