Best Pancake Ever

Remember the last post when I made Anarchy Strawberry Jam? Well now, I’m giving you the perfect use for it….on top of buttermilk pancakes…that are filled with sausage…and also topped with jalapeño cream cheese. This extreme flavor combination is surprising yet delicious. The spiciness of the jalapeños is cut by the cream cheese and the jam. The sweetness of the jam mixes well with the saltiness of the sausage. The pancake is basically just a vehicle to get everything in your mouth.

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Anarchy Strawberry Jam

This beer-jam recipe has many uses….as you will see in our next post. But before we show you the most epic way to include it in a meal, we first have to tell you how to make it. Strawberries in the summertime are freaking amazing. Combine them with beer and make a jam – even better. Also, who would’ve though making jam is so darn easy? It literally takes 30 minutes from start to finish.  The beer we used – Anarchy by 4 Noses Brewing – is an hoppy strong ale that is slightly sweet with nutty biscuit flavors….and it’s absolutely delish. The problem is, Anarchy is exactly as its name describes, a rebel. Tommy, the head brewer at 4 Noses, says its set to change each time it’s brewed. So, if you’re not able to grab it before the recipe changes, go find something that’s a bit hoppy and fruity and you should be good to go.

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Explore: 4 Noses Brewery Opening

I paid a visit to the brand new 4 Noses Brewing Company out in Broomfield for their opening day. I was expecting some good and some bad – because it was a new brewery after all. What I got was all fantastic.

The brewery itself was gorgeous. Wood-paneled walls, tree knots for tap handles, and a perfectly simple poured concrete bar. They even have a garage door to open up the brewery on sunny days. From the bar, you could see through the windows and take a gander at their massive set-up. These folks are not kidding around. They are fresh in the brewniverse and already they have an enormous brewing capacity. I could tell the founders had visited quite a few breweries and learned from other’s successes before building their own brewery.

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