Agave Wheat Peach Tart

Drink and Spoon is finally back and we are bringing you tons of good stuff! The first recipe will be this delectable peach tart, with peaches caramelized in Agave Wheat by Breckenridge Brewery. In my opinion, Agave Wheat is the perfect summertime brew. It’s a slightly sweet wheat beer with some overlying citrus flavors – kind of like drinking the sunshine. Using it to caramelize one of my favorite summertime fruits turned out to be a fantastic idea. The wheat flavors really came through and mixed wonderfully with the sweet peaches. I’d pretty much serve this peach tart at any summer picnic and I suggest you do as well.

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Chocolate Yeti Banana Bread Muffins

Both of my grandmothers make amazing banana bread. Fo’ realz – its amazing. And I got to eat both all the time as a child which probably explains my weird chubby phase that I went through from ages 8-15. Smothering cream cheese and extra sugar on top probably didn’t help either. So, which of my grandmothers’ recipes did I choose to make? Neither, of course! I refuse to pick favorites. Instead, I made my own and threw some beer in it. Not just any beer, though. I chose Chocolate Oak-Aged Yeti by Great Divide. The Yeti series of stouts is by far the best. Ok..I guess I do pick favorites. But really, I’m not a big stout drinker and I find that all of the variations of Yeti are incredibly smooth. They are also easy to cook with and pair food with, as seen in the coconut macaroon recipe.

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Cinco de Mayo – Part 3 of 3

Dessert Quesadilla

I guess this can’t technically qualify as a quesadilla if it doesn’t have cheese, but we don’t know what else to name it. In place of cheese, we used Nutella and in place of all the other ingredients, we used fruit. To tie it all together, the tortillas are dusted with cinnamon and sugar and baked to give them just the right amount of crispy-crunch. Once again, no beer with this because….tequila. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Surette Roasted Berries

Ready for a summertime dream? These Surette roasted berries are simple to make and absolutely enchanting on the taste buds. And since it is a dessert made with berries, you won’t feel so bad about going back for seconds (or thirds like I did).  The beer chosen for this recipe is Surette, a Provision Saison by Crooked Stave. It is wild aged in oak barrels to create a product that is tart and fruity with a bit of citrus. The sour flavors of Surette combine with the spicy cinnamon and sweetness of the berries to make a dish that is utterly delightful. Happy cooking, eating, and drinking!

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Chocolate and Vanilla Stout Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

I know stout cupcakes have been done before but probably never under these circumstances or with this beer (Aphrodite by Dieu du Ciel). When Abby, Meghan, and I went to the New Belgium Snapshot Wheat release party, we showed up without tickets and they still somehow let us in. Out of sheer excitement, I threw my arms in the air with my hands clenched in fists, somewhat of a double fist pump move. On the way up, my friend Meghan got in the way of my arm maneuver and BOOM! …. punched her right in the face. So to make up for my accidental wrongdoing, I made her some cupcakes hoping the magical powers of the stout would help her feel better. These cupcakes aren’t any ordinary stout cakes. They are chocolate and vanilla stout cupcakes topped with peanut butter frosting, chocolate ganache, and pretzels. They probably didn’t heal her, but at least she got a tasty snack. Meghan, next time I suggest watching where you put your face so it wont get in the way of my fists.

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Smoked Beer Mac and Cheese

Did you know that there is such a thing as a smoked beer? I had no idea. Luckily, when I told my beer expert, Xavier, that I wanted something smoky for a dish, he knew what to recommend right away. Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen is a smoked beer from a Bamburg, Germany brewery by the name of Brauerei Heller-Trum or more famously known as Schlenkerla. Now that’s a lot of German words I don’t understand. What I also don’t understand is, how in the hell do you smoke a beer? So I looked up some of the words. “Aecht” means original or true. “Rauchbier” is a style of smoked beer where the malt is dried over an open flame, usually from burning beechwood, which gives it that smoky flavor. “Märzen” describes how, in the old times, the beer was brewed in March (the brewing season) and stored in the cellar over Spring and Summer in order to keep it cool. From these findings, I deduced that Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen is an original smoked beer from Schlenkerla in Bamberg, Germany that is of the Märzen style. Whew!

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Galentine’s Day – Chocolate Dipped Coconut Almond Macaroons and Espresso Oak Aged Yeti by Great Divide

“What is Galentine’s Day? Oh, its only the best day of the year!”- Leslie Knope, Park and Recreation

Clearly I have a Parks and Rec addiction.  But I love everything about it and I can’t stop. So, in honor of my favorite show and my favorite holiday, I made a treat to celebrate Galentine’s day, where its just “ladies celebratin’ ladies!” These cookies are actually amazing. I brought them to a meeting and everyone was quite pleaed (I even let boys eat them too). To go with the breakfast theme of Galentine’s, they are paired with the Espresso Oak Aged Yeti by Great Divide. The combination of the two tastes somewhat like a Samoa Girl Scout Cookie. If you’re a good friend, you’ll make this recipe for all your gal pals (even if you’re a dude).

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Bacon, Walnut, Chocolate Chip Cookie with Imperial Nut Brown


Bacon. There is nothing better, except maybe a cookie with bacon in it. I don’t have much to say about this recipe other than try it. And try it with the beer. The Imperial Nut Brown by Tommyknocker paired with this recipe is delicious and makes the flavors in the cookie really shine. Enjoy this salty and sweet bacon, walnut, chocolate chip delight.

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Mini Apple Pies cooked with Pome Mel Cider

A lot of times, my recipes are a bunch of ingredients thrown together with a prayer that something magical will happen. That’s what happened with this apple pie filling. I thought, “How can I make an apple pie go well with beer?” So I researched a bunch of different apple pie recipes, picked out the parts I liked, and experimented. Luckily, the first try was successful. I didn’t use beer though. I used Pome Mel by Colorado Cider Company. This cider is beautiful. Unlike other ciders, it is not too apple-y and its made with honey and lavender.  I picked it because I wanted the filling to be unique. When poured out of the bottle, it is light in color and smells a spa weekend. The flavors of the cider showed up very subtlety in the end. Overall it made the filling unique but the pie still tasted like a slice of home cooking.

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