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Denver Festivus 2014: I loved it and it was hilarious but dear lord, there was so much to drink. Going into the event, I did not expect to be drinking so many big beers. When I say big beers, I’m speaking about the Epic/New Belgium collaboration called Eternal Consequences that rings in at 10.7% ABV or Jagged Mountain’s Voodoo Goat Barleywine at 10.9% ABV. Luckily, I created a strong pizza base to help me withstand the TWO floors filled with boozy beverages. The donuts from Glazed and Confused also helped.

The variation of drinks offered was a welcome change from other beer parties. I often find that festivals have lots of similar beers, whether that is high alcohol, low alcohol, all Belgians, etc. At Festivus, the “beer festival for the rest of us,” there was a beer style for every drinker. If I had to give an award for the beer that embodied the night though, it would go to Crooked Stave’s Cranberry and Spice Vielle. Maybe I’m biased because I totally have a crush on this brewery, but Cranberry and Spice Vielle is exactly what I want my holiday beer to be: fruity, warm, and tastes like Christmas. After drinking my way through the two floors of beer at Festivus, I still couldn’t get that beautiful Vielle out of my mind. If I have to name a second place winner to my self proclaimed Festivus contest, it would be the American Wild Ale from Our Mutual Friend. I even went back to get seconds of this funky, red wine barrel aged Brett creation. When a brewery does red wine barrel aging right, like OMF was able to do, it is fantastic. I feel like it gives the beer a complex, full-bodied taste. OMF’s choice to age a lighter, citrusy brew in the red wine barrels created a multi-layered flavor experience. Take me back to the festival, please.

Overall, Denver Festivus turned out to be a raging party, just like all of the other Imbibe/Denver Off the Wagon sponsored events. I loved the Christmas themed outfits and plethora of Santa but the most outrageous thing I saw was the male stripper themed playing cards. Ladies, if you had a picture of a naked man in your pocket at the end of the night, you know what I’m talking about. Whoever brought those…bravo. It was hilarious. If you were at Festivus, you might have also seen me, the lady wearing a Santa hat with a beard attached. You might have even taken a picture with me. If you did, tag me @drinkandspoon – wassup social media!? If you weren’t at Festivus, you seriously missed out. Go mark your calendar now to prepare for the beer party that puts all other holiday parties to shame.
Drink and Spoon Denver Festivus Drink and Spoon Denver Festivus Drink and Spoon Denver Festivus Drink and Spoon Denver Festivus Drink and Spoon Denver Festivus

Cranberry and Spice Vielle!!!!

Drink and Spoon Denver Festivus

American Wild Ale!!!

Drink and Spoon Denver Festivus Drink and Spoon Denver Festivus Drink and Spoon Denver Festivus Drink and Spoon Denver Festivus Drink and Spoon Denver Festivus


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