Colorado – The State of Craft Beer



Yesterday (Sept 16th) I went over to Renegade Brewing Company to check out the unveiling of the ‘Colorado – The State of Craft Beer’ brand created by the Colorado Brewers Guild. With Colorado being home to 9 regional breweries, the oldest microbrewery in the country (Boulder Beer), and over 200 other breweries, it’s no wonder that we are claiming this name for ourselves. The brand will be rolled out in separate phases with merchandise, signage, and a comprehensive brewer-friendly website coming out at later dates. Colorado currently holds 7% of the nation’s craft beer sales and CBG is hoping to increase that to 20% by 2020, with the help of this new brand. One way in which they will do that is by working with the Colorado Tourism Office, which already boasts the state’s craft beer abundance to potential visitors. Of course the CBG will use the power of the internet to get the word out there as well but I expect you will start seeing the ‘Colorado – The State of Craft Beer’ brand everywhere as it is made available to put on beer packaging, clothes, festival tents, etc. Want to check it out for yourself? Head over to the Colorado Brewers Guild tent at Great American Beer Festival where you can also get a fresh beer brewed and poured by state representatives!


Steve Kurowski, director of marketing at the Colorado Brewers Guild



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