Barrels and Bottles New Beer Release

Barrels and Bottles New Beer Release


The other night, I popped in to Barrels and Bottles to check out the new creations of head brewer, Kim Collins. I tried Piney the First, the sessionable Lil’ IPA, and Hot Lips, a sour mash blonde ale. The first three releases of the B&B flagship line were pretty great, especially Piney. The rest of the line-up for the  brewery/taproom/wine bar is set to come out throughout the month of July.

While sippin’ on some goodness, we also chowed down on the baked camembert with fruit compote and let me tell you – it was to die for. I’m excited to see what else Kim has up her sleeve as the rest of the brews roll out and I’ll definitely be heading back to Barrels and Bottles to get more of that delectable baked cheese.




Tasting Notes + some extra info from the press release:

(Please remember, I’m not a super beer expert, but I do my best)


Piney the First an all Chinook Pale Ale, 5% ABV, 48 IBUs

At first sniff, it gave off aromas of some hops, brown sugar, and the great outdoors. Piney had a light maltiness, was supremely crisp, and finished with a  lingering sensation of fresh cut grass. Definitely a beer that should be enjoyed by the pool, on the deck, or after a hike!


Lil’ IPA a sessionable IPA for summertime, 5.2% ABV, 55 IBUs


Brandon and I felt the same – this was a very refreshing, light beer. It wasn’t bursting with flavor and there were barely any aromas that we could smell but this wasn’t necessarily bad. I’ve found that usually, session beers are lighter on the palate but they are always low alcohol (even though I’d say this one is pushing it a bit at 5.2%). Lil’ IPA reminded me of a cool, mineral-rich mountain stream that was sweetened by the surrounding honey-suckle on the banks. There’s a time and place for everything and the place for this is definitely at the end of a beer flight to help you rehydrate.


Hot Lips is a sour mashed blonde ale, 3.7% ABV, 30 IBUs (pure Lactobacillus)


With an ABV of 3.7%, you might be privy to think this would be the session beer. But, if we go by the rule that session beers are somewhat less intense, this is far from sessionable. I could tell from the second I put my nose above the glass that this brew would be bursting with flavor. It smelled like grain in a farmhouse, reminding me of the dried corn my dad and I used to throw out to lure deer near his tree stand. I could also tell it would be a little sugary – to me, smelling like sweet tobacco. At first sip, I was skeptical but as my taste buds adjusted, I started to like this tart, blonde babe more and more.







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