Best Pancake Ever

Remember the last post when I made Anarchy Strawberry Jam? Well now, I’m giving you the perfect use for it….on top of buttermilk pancakes…that are filled with sausage…and also topped with jalapeño cream cheese. This extreme flavor combination is surprising yet delicious. The spiciness of the jalapeños is cut by the cream cheese and the jam. The sweetness of the jam mixes well with the saltiness of the sausage. The pancake is basically just a vehicle to get everything in your mouth.

How did I come up with this? I must confess, it’s not totally original. I had something a bit similar (the pancake with the jalapeño cream cheese) at a restaurant in town. Then, I decided to take it to the next level and add a few more toppings and ingredients. After all, I needed to find the perfect way to use the Anarchy Strawberry Jam. The final product – the best pancake ever – is definitely one of the better meals I’ve ever made. Just ask my boyfriend Brandon, he won’t stop talking about it.

Serving Size: About 6 large pancakes


1 roll of sausage

2 cups of Alton Brown’s Instant Pancake Mix

2 cups of buttermilk

2 eggs

4 tbsp melted butter + extra for greasing the pan

I large jalapeño – de-veined and de-seeded

6 oz of cream cheese

Anarchy Strawberry Jam



There are many places you can start with this one but what I did first was cook the sausage. I just bought one of those rolls of original country sausage and chopped it into pieces with the spatula as it cooked in the pan. When the sausage is finished cooking, set it aside. Next, prepare the pancake mix. I love Alton Brown’s instant pancake mix and I always keep a bunch ready to go in my pantry for whenever I have pancake or waffle cravings (like when I made Sweet Chili Chicken and Chive Waffles). If you haven’t prepared it, you’ll have a few more ingredients to grab than what is listed above.

Once the basic mix is prepared, continue to follow Alton’s directions – melt the butter and combine with 2 egg yolks, combine the buttermilk with the 2 egg whites and then mix those two together. Then, slow add the wet mix to two cups of instant pancake mix and stir.



Once everything is combined, you’re ready to go. Warm up a large pan, butter it up, and pour out a big pancake.



In the batter in the pan, drop in a bunch of sausage.



Cook on each side until the pancake is finished but don’t do any smashing of the pancake. Just be patient and wait for it to get wonderful all by itself. Also, don’t judge my pancake flipping skills, I bet you’re not that much better.



Either while the cakes are a cookin’ or when they are finished, combine the de-veined/de-seeded jalapeño and the cream cheese in a small food processor until the pepper is chopped to bits and distributed throughout the cream cheese.




Smear a good amount of the jalapeño cream cheese on top of the pancake and then spoon out some Anarchy Strawberry Jam on top of that.





When all is complete, sit down and take a big breath because you’re about to have one of the greatest meals of your life – and also go into a food coma after. Enjoy!



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A 20-something living in Denver, attempting to whip up delicious recipes made with or paired with mostly local craft brews. If you like eating and drinking delicious things, this is the place to be.

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