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Explore: 4 Noses Brewery Opening

I paid a visit to the brand new 4 Noses Brewing Company out in Broomfield for their opening day. I was expecting some good and some bad – because it was a new brewery after all. What I got was all fantastic.

The brewery itself was gorgeous. Wood-paneled walls, tree knots for tap handles, and a perfectly simple poured concrete bar. They even have a garage door to open up the brewery on sunny days. From the bar, you could see through the windows and take a gander at their massive set-up. These folks are not kidding around. They are fresh in the brewniverse and already they have an enormous brewing capacity. I could tell the founders had visited quite a few breweries and learned from other’s successes before building their own brewery.

As for the beers themselves, they far exceeded my expectations. I had Anarchy Ale – a citrusy delight, Bareback Blonde – the crowd favorite, Russian Imperial Stout with Vanilla Coffee – o.m.g., and Sessions IPA – the splendidly hoppy drink for your everyday events. Seriously though, lets talk about this for a minute. Tommy, the brewmaster, put together a Russian Imperial Stout with Vanilla Coffee. How? What? Why? I’m in love. It was strong yet so smooth. It’s bitterness was leveled out from the sweet vanilla. From my experience, I’ve always had really chocolatey stouts and vanilla porters. The RIS with Vanilla Coffee from 4 Noses somehow got the flavors of roasted coffee beans, vanilla, and fresh sugar cookies all into one glass. I can’t wait to head back there soon to try out everything else that’s on tap. Get your butt over to 4 Noses Brewing Company ASAP.

Anarchy, Bareback Blonde, Russian Imperial Stout with Vanilla Coffee, and Sessions IPA

Sessions was great – its light, fruity and hop-tastic but not overwhelmingly so. I would seriously love to drink this everyday and at 5.2 ABV, I think I will.

Russian Imperial Stout with VANILLA COFFEE. Yes – vanilla coffee. I drink vanilla coffee everyday, now I have a reason to drink it at night.


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