New Kids on the Block Beer Party

New Kids on the Block Beer Party

New Kids on the Block – a beer party for Colorado Breweries under 2! More like an 80’s themed dance party with tons of beer included. It was put on by Imbibe Denver Off The Wagon The Lobby and

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As Colorado Craft Beer Week continues, the party rages on, and so do I. My latest adventure was attending the New Kids on the Block Beer Party – a party for Colorado Craft Breweries under 2 years old. When I first showed up, I was a bit leery of the set up. A lot of the beer was at the top bar of The Lobby. Once I got downstairs, I realized…who cares about the set up? Everyone was decked out head to toe in 80’s inspired gear and having a great time. Parties are always fun when the DJ is playing throwback songs that everyone can sing along to – or conga line to – or drink to. The longer I stayed, the more fun I had. Maybe it was because I was drinking more beer, but maybe it was just the atmosphere. My one critique was that I wish brewery staff were manning their various taps throughout the venue so that I could have some of my questions could have been better answered. Nonetheless, I had been to a lot of the breweries already. Whatever I didn’t know, well, I now have a reason to go pay the brewery a visit. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Imbibe Denver for allowing me to attend this event. They really do know how to do a drinking party right.

Here are some of the stand-out beers I enjoyed the most:


Sigi’s Wild Horse Buck Beer by Tivoli Brewing 

The Wild Horse is a brown ale brewed like a bock. This means instead of lots of bitter hops, there was a focus on the malts. This malty-scotchy creation was an interesting way to start the night.

New Kids on the Block Beer Party

Perplexity by Former Future Brewing

Perplexity is an American IPA made with Brettanomyces. I would’ve expected more funky characteristics but they weren’t too prominent. It was definitely light and fruity. I think I’d like to visit to taproom soon to give this one another try.

Black IPA by Station 26

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve got a thing for Black IPAs. This one by Station 26 was thicker than your average black IPA. It was really bitter but had the smoothness of a stout. It was definitely one of my favorites of the night. Brandon, my partner in crime for the night, said this beer made him want to dance (whatever that is supposed to mean).

Jacques Double Black IPA by Beer by Design (The Women and Beer series)

Of course I would think the women and beer creation was sophisticated and complex, but really, it was. It was super black, tasty, and incredibly smooth. The main thing I noticed were the strong roasted tones but overall it was not too bitter. I loved it. Gold star. Girl power.

Shaolin Mentusaur Double IPA by Front Range Brewing 

This one was hoppy and sweet and then peppery in the end. It was sweet but not sugary. Sweet in a beer way. I never thought these flavors could go together soooo well until this beer. Of course I’ve had peppery beers before but not in this way. You’ll have to give it a try yourself to understand what I’m saying.


New Kids on the Block Beer Party New Kids on the Block Beer Party New Kids on the Block Beer Party New Kids on the Block Beer Party New Kids on the Block Beer Party New Kids on the Block Beer Party New Kids on the Block Beer Party New Kids on the Block Beer Party New Kids on the Block Beer Party


To go try these brews out for yourself, come to the more beer parties. Or just look at the company websites to find out their location:

For fun times and news in booze:

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