Eggs Benedict and Beermosa

Eggs Benedict and Sunshine Wheat Beermosa

One of my favorite traditions is making Eggs Benedict on Christmas morning. Ever since I can remember, my grandma and my dad would get to fighting over whose hollandaise sauce was better right after we opened presents. While in college, I decided to start my own tradition.  Making Eggs Benedict every time I drank too much whisky the night before was my way of avoiding being in hangover hell all day. I’ve made it about 50 times but it wasn’t until this Christmas that I finally figured out how to make the hollandaise perfectly. The hollandaise is the key ingredient here. It separates the Benedict from being a measly egg mcmuffin. Every time I’ve read a hollandaise recipe in cookbooks or on the internet, it never describes how to do it right. In this post, I will divulge my secrets so that you too can make the perfect hollandaise for your eggs Benedict.  Once you have obtained this knowledge, you will never have to suffer from eating crappy hangover food again. The beermosa also featured here should help cure that hangover as well.

Serving Size: 4-6

Eggs Benedict and Beermosa


3 English muffins, halved

10 eggs

6 slices of ham

1 stick of butter

1 lemon





Toast the English muffin halves and lay them out on a pan to make it easier to prep. There are two ways to do the eggs. You can either poach them or cook them over easy. I poached them here but really, it’s a huge pain in the ass. The best way to do this if you want to poach your eggs is buy and egg poacher OR use this amazing trick I learned from my boyfriend’s dad (which should save you the pain in the ass). In a deep pan, boil about 2 inches of water. Take metal measuring cups and spray the inside with some oil so the eggs don’t stick. Crack the egg in the measuring cup and put the measuring cup in the boiling water. When the white looks pretty much cooked, the yolk will probably still look raw so tip the cup over a bit and let a little of the boiling water run on top. It should cook right away and voila! Perfectly poached eggs. Pour the water off the top and scoop out the egg. (I probably should’ve taken pictures for this, but theres really no way to make poached eggs look cute.) If this seems too difficult or you don’t have egg-poaching materials, cooking the eggs over easy works just as well too. Pick you method and do it with 6 of the eggs.

Next, separate the yolks from the 4 other eggs and put them in the blender with 1 tbsp of lemon juice, a pinch or two of salt, and a few shakes of Tabasco.

yolks, on yolks, on yolks.

Eggs Benedict and Beermosa

Then, in a pot, melt the stick of butter on low-medium heat so that it doesn’t burn. Once its melted, turn up the heat and get it boiling. When I say boiling, I really do mean it. It must be scorching hot but not burnt. This is the secret to making the hollandaise perfect. If its not extremely hot, it won’t cook the yolks and you will end up with a runny mess. Turn on the blender and get the yolks mixed up. There should be some sort of plastic thing you can remove on the top of your blender so that you can pour additional ingredients in. Remove that plastic thing and get ready. While the blender is going, slowly pour in the scorching hot butter. Let it blend for about 30 seconds. When it’s done, it should be yellow in color and very creamy. If its not creamy, you didn’t get the butter hot like I told you to and you should learn to follow directions better!

Finally, heat up the ham in a pan or in the microwave. When it is hot, put it on top of the English muffin half, then the egg, and then coat with hollandaise. The final touch will be to shake some paprika on top and you’ll be ready to chow down!

Eggs Benedict and Beermosa

Beer Pairing: Beermosa (a mimosa with beer instead of champagne)

Sunshine Wheat by New Belgium Brewing Company

Fill half your glass with beer, half with orange juice. This is the perfect combination. One bottle should make 2 drinks. Sunshine Wheat is best for the beermosa because it already has orange flavors and its way better than boring champagne. Also, it’s from New Belgium Brewery and they can pretty much do no wrong. Any product coming out of that brewery is going to be delicious. This cocktail will help enhance the hangover cure effect of the eggs benedict because the best way to avoid a hangover is to stay drunk. If you can’t find Sunshine Wheat, Blue Moon will do. Cheers!

Eggs Benedict and BeermosaEggs Benedict and Beermosa

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